The Workshop Process

The Veterans Book Project facilitates bookmaking workshops around the country. In these workshops, combat and non-combat veterans, their families, and others affected by the current American wars are invited to edit and design their archives and stories into softbound, print-on-demand books. Using software specifically designed for this project, three to six participants compile their digital and handwritten archives into book format over the course of a week. These materials can include digital images, emails, journal entries and writings generated at the workshop.

The process of designing each book is highly individual. Because bookmakers often don’t come to the workshop with a complete idea of what their books will look like, Haller serves as listener, collaborator and editor. She begins the process with an open-ended conversation wherein she and the bookmaker brainstorm a flexible “plan of action” for the week.

The completed digital manuscripts are published through  Available as a free download or as a published, softbound book, each is a contained and tactile “object for deployment,” meant to be “deployed” to new audiences: family, friends, the art community, and the general public.